Draft Program for the 5th FASIC International Conference

The draft program of the 5th Australia-China Transnational Connectivity is now available, click here to download a PDF copy.

Registration Form:

If you are interested in attending the 2017 FASIC Conference in Xuzhou,please fill out the below form. Attendance is free but space is limited. Return the form to jpgrima@fasic.org.au prior to 20 October 2017 to secure your attendance.

2017 FASIC Registration Form

NCP ACYA Competition Announcement

Jointly supported by the Australian Embassy in Beijing and the Foundation for Australian
Studies in China (FASIC), ten lucky New Colombo Plan students and Australia China
Youth Association (ACYD) members will be sponsored to attend the Fourth FASIC
Conference 2017, from 1-3 November 2017 at Jiangsu Normal University in Xuzhou.
Participants provided a 300 word comment on the theme of one of the below topics in
relation to the Australia-China youth space (in English).

What impact does transnational connectivity have on Australia-China relations?

What is the relevance of transnational connectivity in the current world?

Essays should be sent to gm_china@acya.org.au by October 17th . The result will be
released on October 20th on Australia Global Alumni: China’s LinkedIn page and the
winners will be notified via email.


The 5th Foundation for Australian Studies in China (FASIC) Conference will take place from the 1st to the 3rd November 2017 at Jiangsu Normal University, Xuzhou, Jiangsu.

The Theme of the conference is Transnational Connectivity and the official hashtag is #FASIC5

Image: Zhou Xiaoping, Bowl 2 (2015), ink, acrylic on rice paper on canvas 70 x 100cm, courtesy of the artist. 

Presented by

Australian Studies Centre, Jiangsu Normal University

Convened by

Professor Greg McCarthy, BHP Chair of Australian Studies at Peking University

Co organized by

the Australian Studies Centre at Peking University

Sponsored by

Foundation for Australian Studies in China (FASIC)

The 5th Foundation for Australian Studies in China Conference has as its theme, Transnational Connectivity, and will bring together over 70 scholars from a diversity of academic backgrounds –showcasing research on peoples, places and new perspectives, with the aim of enhancing the understanding between the two countries.

The 5th FASIC Conference will explore the Transnational Connectivity in Australia-China relations in terms of history, culture, geography, international relations, economics, tourism, immigration, Belt and Road visions, and societal dynamics.

This annual FASIC Conference is convened and designed by Professor Greg McCarthy, BHP Chair of Australian Studies at Peking University.

Professor McCarthy says, “This fifth FASIC Conference is an overwhelming opportunity for Chinese students, teachers and researchers to meet and exchange perspectives with Australian Studies practitioners from around the world. The forum also coincides with the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Australia, a fitting time to reflect on the ever-changing and interconnecting parts of this transnational paradigm.”

Media enquiries: Featured speakers and conference convenor, Professor Greg McCarthy, are available for interview on request. For all media enquiries, please contact John Paul Grima jpgrima@fasic.org.au or +86 1771 0383 551

Attending the Conference: The conference is open to the public and attendance is free, although registration is required. To register to attend the conference, please email John Paul Grima jpgrima@fasic.org.au by 13 October 2017 with a completed registration form.

About Foundation for Australian Studies in China

The Foundation for Australian Studies in China (FASIC) is a not-for-profit organisation registered in Australia. FASIC supports existing and future initiatives which deepen awareness of Australia in China across a range of disciplines and fields of study. FASIC plays a significant role in the promotion of Australian Studies in China and looks to further expand and strengthen research and teaching collaboration between Australian and Chinese universities. FASIC provides grants and scholarships to Australian and Chinese professionals. A key initiative of the Foundation is the BHP Chair of Australian Studies at Peking University.

FASIC is supported by BHP, the Australia-China Council of the Department of Foreign Affairsand HHK Advisory.

About Jiangsu Normal University

Jiangsu Normal University (JSNU), founded in 1952, is located in the historically and culturally significant city of Xuzhou, northern Jiangsu province. It is administered by the Jiangsu provincial government and Central Ministry of Education.

JSNU currently has four campuses: Quanshan, Yunlong, Kuiyuan and Jiawang. The university has three experimental programs, 22 specialty schools, the Teachers’ Education School, Further Education School, International College and Kewen Institute. The university offers 87 undergraduate majors, 26 master programs, one doctor’s program and one post-doctoral research station, covering 11 disciplines. Currently, the university has over 16,700 full-time undergraduate students and more than 2,300 postgraduate students.

About Xuzhou, Jiangsu

Xuzhou lies at the strategic juncture of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui provinces, thus known as an important transport and economic hub. As the central city of the Huaihai Economic Zone, it one of the four cities under Jiangsu’s key planning and urban development programs.

Xuzhou boasts a long history, a distinct culture and a large number of historic relics. “Three Superb Heritages of Han Dynasty” represented by Terra-Cotta Warriors of Han Dynasty, Han Dynasty Tombs and Han Dynasty Stone Portraits are renowned world-wide. Extensive Han Dynasty Terra-Cotta Warriors have been unearthed in Xuzhou.


FASIC is proudly supported by BHP.

The 5th FASIC Conference is generously supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in China.


如果您有兴趣参加2017年的澳大利亚研究基金会,请填写以下的表格, 参加是免费的但名额有限,请在10月20日以前发到jpgrima@fasic.org.au 来保证您的参与。

2017 FASIC Registration Form




我们将于10月20日在领英的Australia Global Alumni: China公布获得资助的学生名单,并



Transnational Connectivity #FASIC5



Image: Zhou Xiaoping, Bowl 2 (2015), ink, acrylic on rice paper on canvas 70 x 100cm, courtesy of the artist.





麦卡锡教授(Greg McCarthy




在华澳大利亚研究基金会 (FASIC)

在华澳大利亚研究基金会第五届国际学术研讨会(FASIC 5)的主题为:“跨国互通”。参会的70多名专家学者,从不同领域展示学术界对民族、地区以及学术前沿的研究成果,从而促进两国的相互理解。

FASIC 5探讨中澳两国之间的跨国互通,涵盖历史、文化、地理、国际关系、经济、旅游、移民、一带一路以及社会等多个研究主题。

本届会议由北京大学必和必拓澳大利亚研究讲席教授麦卡锡教授召集筹划,麦卡锡教授认为:“对于中国的学生、教师以及研究人员来说, FASIC 5会议为他们与来自世界各地从事澳大利亚研究的学者进行学术交流提供了一个绝佳的机会。本届会议适逢中澳建交45周年,这也是一个反思在跨国主义框架中不断变化和相互联系部分的恰当时机。”


可申请采访各位特邀演讲嘉宾和大会召集人麦卡锡(Professor Gregory McCarthy)教授。所有媒体咨询请联系司马云老师(John Paul Grima),联系方式:邮箱: jpgrima@fasic.org.au ;电话:+86 1771 0383 551。


会议对公众开放,不收取会务费,但参会者必须登记注册。如有参会意向,请将登记信息提供给司马云老师(John Paul Grima)。联系邮箱:jpgrima@fasic.org.au;截止日期为2017年10月13日。