Irpan Huxur

 Irpan Huxur, originally from Xinjiang, was first admitted into Renmin University of China Law School in 2011 where he attained his Bachelor of Law degree in 2015. He has since graduated from Renmin University a second time, achieving a Master of Law degree from the top law school in China.

Irpan’s strong interest in international affairs and numerous internships with multi-national corporations and law firms inspired him to pursue an international career and broaden his horizons by engaging with the Australian community in China through the Peking University Australian Studies Centre internship program.

Following his graduation, Irpan achieved a highly competitive clerkship in the High Court of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in the West of China. In the future he plans to continue his study on different jurisdictions to obtain a greater understanding of diverse legal practices, with a special interest in Australian and Chinese law. After developing his experience in the Chinese court system he hopes to engage in postdoctorate studies in Australia.

Dominic Kocx

 As a recipient of the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Asian Exchange Scholarship, Dominic is being supported to study Chinese language on a semester exchange at Peking University. At the University of Sydney, Dominic was part of the prestigious Faculty Scholar’s program, placed among the top 20 Arts & Social Sciences students of his cohort. Dominic is passionate about education policy, language learning and is interested in Australia’s place in Asia. He has been learning Mandarin for two years at the University of Sydney and during this time was also awarded a mobility grant to study at Fudan University (Shanghai) on the New Colombo Plan.

He is an active member of his community, having recently worked as a volunteer coordinator for the City of Sydney’s 2017 Chinese New Year Festival. Elsewhere, he has also experienced life with NGOs abroad, having taken part in an alternate ‘Schoolies’ immersion to the Philippines in 2014 and then in 2015 working with Marist Volunteers Australia in Tamil Nadu, India.

He was selected as part of an Australian Delegation to the 2016 ‘Seminar on Youth Participation and International Humanitarianism’ held in the Republic of China and took part in the ‘2017 Australia-China Emerging Leaders’ Summit (Beijing)’.

At the Centre, Dominic has been assisting Professor McCarthy with the delivery of the Australian Studies Centre Course ‘Australia: From 1788 to the Present – Narratives of Australian Political Leadership’. He is co-authoring a research paper with fellow intern Liam Clark on innovation in China and the international expansion of Chinese bike-sharing schemes.

 Liam Clark

Liam Clark is entering his last semester of a Bachelor of International and Global Studies at the University of Sydney, focusing on both Government and International Relations, as well as Chinese Studies. Supported by the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation’s Asian Exchange Scholarship, Liam has continued his Chinese language study at Peking University.

As an intern at Peking University’s Australian Studies Centre, Liam is co-authoring a research paper with fellow intern Dominic Kocx on innovation in China and its relationship to the Australia-China space.

Liam is also interested in environmental politics, sustainability, green innovation, just adaptation, city resilience and urban planning. Liam will continue his education at the University of Sydney, hoping to study a Master of Sustainability and a Master of Urban and Regional Planning. Through his PKUASC report and a Peking University subject on China’s energy and environmental issues, Liam sees the potential for further Australia-China co-operation regarding sustainability, and would one day like to work in that area.

Jacinta Keast

Jacinta Keast (柯洁欣)is a penultimate year Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney, majoring in Chinese Studies and International Business. She is a former Research Assistant at China Matters, and writes as the China Fellow for Young Australians in International Affairs, as well as for Young China Watchers and The University of Sydney’s Honi Soit. At the PKUASC, she is conducting a discourse analysis on how Australia’s most popular media outlets report on China.

Jacinta is interested in pursuing a career in either public policy or journalism, and speaks Japanese and fluent Mandarin Chinese.


Alexandria Neumann

Alexandria Neumann is a fourth year student at Griffith University, studying a Bachelor of Law and Arts, majoring in Chinese. She has a keen interest to enhance her knowledge of the Chinese language and culture through her degree. As a result she has recently completed a six month overseas exchange to Beijing to study Chinese at Beijing Foreign Studies University. During her studies in China she also completed an internship at Peking University’s Australian Studies Center.

As a part of her internship she wrote a research paper that delved into the issue of the recent Paris Climate Change Agreement. This paper assessed the impact of the Paris Climate agreement on China’s and Australia’s law and policy and the likely successfulness of reduction of emissions from the two nations.

Catherine Perry 

Catherine Perry is currently studying a Masters of Finance at the Australian National University, where she was a Tuckwell Scholar. She is an Assistant Adviser to the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, The Hon. Kelly O’Dwyer MP. Catherine spent a semester studying Chinese language at Peking University on a Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Asian Exchange Scholarship.

 Whilst interning at the Peking University Australian Studies Centre, Catherine undertook a research project examining the grants awarded as part of the Australian Studies in China Program over the past ten years. This project aimed to help the Foundation for Australian Studies in China obtain a better understanding of how different research areas have been funded and may help better target funding in the future.

Yang Yang

Yang Yang is a Master of Translation and Interpretation with NAATI accreditation from and into English (Level 3), Master of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and Bachelor of International Business Communications.

Yang Yang interpreted for Professor Greg McCarthy at the 4th FASIC Conference 2016 in Guangzhou, South China’s Guangdong Province. She also taught Chinese to Professor Greg McCarthy.

Yang Yang has over nine years working experience at China Radio International and hosted CRI English’s first online talk show Teahouse.

Chelsea Jacka

Chelsea Jacka is originally from Toowoomba, Australia and has completed a Bachelor of Arts/Laws at the University of Southern Queensland majoring in international relations and anthropology. As an undergraduate she was invited to participate in an international delegation on diplomacy in Beijing, deepening her interest in China and diplomacy. She later joined a one year student exchange program to Hangzhou, Zhejiang as the sole pioneering participant, providing a unique opportunity for complete immersion into Chinese university life.

Pursuant to her interests in China and international relations Chelsea is currently completing a Master of Law at the Renmin University of China, majoring in Contemporary China Studies. Her field of research concerns the role of local government international relationships as platforms for economic exchange. Since commencing her studies she has developed an interest in the Western regions of China including the culture, language, socio-economic and political conditions.

Chelsea has previously interned with the Chinese law firm Jincheng Tongda & Neal in Shanghai, the Australian Institute of International Affairs in Canberra and is a current participant in the Future Business Leaders Program run by the Australian Chamber of Commerce, Beijing. She plans to remain in China to pursue language studies.

Nhien Dinh

Nhien Dinh is currently completing a Bachelor of Commerce/Law and a Diploma of Languages in Chinese studies at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). She is a recipient of the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan Mobility scholarship which allows her to attend Peking University on a semester study program and undertake a research internship at the Australian Studies Centre at Peking University.

Nhien’s field of interests revolve around international relations, financial transactions and business relationships in the legal context, particularly within the Asia-Pacific region. She is fascinated by China’s rapid economic transformation in the last three decades and is interested in exploring the economic opportunities presented to Australia as a result of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. In particular, she is looking at the development of arbitration as the main dispute resolution for Sino-Australian commercial disputes.


Kate Robinson

Kate is originally from country Victoria and now calls Beijing home. She is currently completing her final year of a Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies/Laws and a Graduate Diploma in Asia-Pacific Studies at the Australian National University. Kate’s degree has given her the opportunity to travel, work and study throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle-East. Kate spent two years during her degree living in China on a Prime Minister’s Asia Endeavour Award. She quickly discovered that she spent the majority of her time talking to people about feminist issues – specifically what feminism means to young women today and the issue of ‘leftover’ women. Kate is currently doing research into her honours thesis on domestic violence legislation in China. She has previously interned at UN Women, Austrade and the Women’s Legal Centre (ACT), and is a national member of the Young Women’s Advisory Group at the Equality Rights Alliance.

Jordan Gifford-Moore

Jordan Gifford-Moore is a law and politics undergraduate student from Adelaide, Australia. Receiving a Prime Minister’s Australia-Asia Endeavour Award has allowed him to spend a year living in Beijing and undertaking research. During this time he has studied in the Masters of Laws program at Peking University, is currently interning at the Australian Studies Centre of Peking University and will continue to learn Chinese at the Beijing Language and Culture University.

Jordan’s legal work has previously included commercial litigation experience as a law clerk, and legal philosophy and property rights as a researcher. His interest in politics has also taken him to Washington DC to intern in the House of Representatives. Exposure to policy-making in the United States prompted him to write a paper on the relationship between Federal Reserve monetary policy and the Chinese economy, and furthered his interest in international relations, economics, and geostrategic issues. He hopes to use his time at the Australian Studies Centre to gain a deeper understanding of these areas. In his free time he enjoys using the facilities at Peking University to swim, and to play badminton, squash and ping pong.

Brad McConachie

Brad McConachie is from Brisbane, Australia and has completed a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) from Queensland University of Technology, and a combined Bachelor of Psychological Science/ Bachelor of Government and Politics with Grade I Honours from Griffith University. He has studied in Australia, the United States and Spain and was recently awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award to complete his PhD thesis.

Brad’s main interest is in social policy with an emphasis on improving relations between Australia and China through people-to-people links in the area of research and education. Brad will spend his time at the Australian Studies Centre conducting research on the increasing importance that the Australian government utilizes higher education as a means of public diplomacy to build soft power capabilities within China.

Brad’s interest in China was piqued while visiting in 2013 for the China-Australia Dialogue in Beijing. This led him to return again for the Peking Scholars Program in 2014. Brad is looking forward to starting his Chinese language studies while in Beijing and continuing to learn more about Chinese culture.

Annika Aitken

Annika Aitken is from Perth, Western Australia, and holds combined Bachelor of Arts (International Relations and Chinese) /Bachelor of Economics degrees from the University of Western Australia. Her key area of academic interest is in Sino-Western relations and how China’s rise is perceived and responded to by other states. Last year she wrote her Honours thesis on contending interpretations of Chinese foreign policy, and intends to pursue further postgraduate study in this area later in the year.

Living in Perth, Annika has been influenced by the significant Australian-Chinese diaspora over the years and has developed a keen interest in traditional Chinese culture. She has also developed a strong personal interest in contemporary Chinese art and is a great fan of Beijing’s 798 art district. Whilst she is in China she hopes to work on her Mandarin Chinese, and explore some of the provinces in the country’s North-East.

Jeff Eagle 于一工

Jeff is a Chinese Australian from Newtown and Byron Bay, NSW. As a bilingual fluent both in English and Mandarin Chinese, he possesses a ‘congenital’ interest in Australia-China relationships, especially in bilateral trade and investment. Jeff holds a Master of Business from The University of Newcastle Australia, and he is currently undertaking a Master of Science in Finance course at Renmin University of China. Through his previous studies in international business, he has conducted research on  China’s foreign direct investment attractiveness to Australia and the monopolistic nature of Australia’s higher education industry.

In 2009, Jeff assisted a business delegation from the Henan Provincial Commerce Department and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Henan Sub-council on their visit to Sydney. In addition, has worked as a personal assistant for the Australian musician Mr Tim Freedman, whose band, The Whitlams, is named after the former Australian Prime Minister and founder of diplomatic relations with China – The Hon Gough Whitlam AC QC.

Taught orally by his maternal grandfather, Jeff developed an early interest in Chinese history and the West’s influence on modern Chinese culture. Under BHP Billiton Chair Professor David Walker’s supervision  he will be conducting research on Chinese companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Ruo Xi Wang

Ruo Xi Wang is from Renmin University of China where she studies a Bachelor of Arts in international politics. She was one of the co-founders and communication officers of the NGO: Global Children’s Vision, China, an NGO headquartered in the United States. During her third year, she completed a one-year exchange program at Macquarie University in Australia on a full scholarship. Through studying, travelling, and networking with young Australians during her stay she gained a deep understanding of Australian history and foreign affairs. She participated in the Diplomacy Conference as well as the 2015 Australia-China Emerging Leaders Summit, run by the Australia-China Youth Association.

Ruo completed an internship at the Centre for Independent Studies, Australia as a research assistant for Mr Benjamin Herscovitch  analyzing Australia-China relations. Her op-ed “Should Australia lean to Japan before China?” was posted online during her exchange. She also participated in and led several research studies related to international politics independently. Her research on China’s international image won an Award of Excellence in the “Cup of Innovation” competition.

Ruo has a particular interest in Asia-Pacific security and strategy in the context of the regional power shift from the US to China. Currently she is interested in researching Sino-Australian relations, especially from the perspective of analyzing Australia’s strategic choice between its biggest trade partner, China and its traditional security guarantor, the U.S.

profile-JulienRJulien Rosendahl

Julien Rosendahl is a fourth-year Arts/Law undergraduate student from Griffith University, Queensland. In 2014, Julien completed a semester exchange at the University of Hong Kong and a two month internship with the PKU Australian Studies Centre, supported by a Prime Minister’s Asia Australia Endeavour Award.

Julien’s interest in China and Australia-China relations began after a summer course in 2013, studying Chinese business and Mandarin language in Guangzhou. Despite having limited engagement with China previously, the opportunity to be immersed in a foreign language and culture spawned a profound personal interest in learning about China, and opportunities for Australia to engage with a key power in the Asia-Pacific region.

During his time as a Research Intern for the Australian Studies Centre, Julien focused on China’s future ambitions for the Antarctic region, and their implications for Australia-China relations and domestic Australian policy. This field of research was inspired by his studies in Energy Law and Public International Law at the University of Hong Kong.

Aside from his interest in international affairs and public policy, Julien is also an active musician, having previously studied Cello at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.


Ciara Wang

Ciara Wang

Ciara Wang has recently graduated from the University of Queensland. After two years studying translation and interpretation, she learned a lot about Australia, and the significance of establishing a sound relationship between Australia and China.

Her experience working on the Australia-China Youth Association University of Queensland Chapter executive provided her with opportunities to increase mutual understanding between Australian and Chinese young people, as well as provide high quality events for Australian students interested in China.

Last year she passed the accreditation examination for Professional Translator and Professional Interpreter and obtained a NAATI Level Three Certificate.  She is looking forward to contributing to the Peking University Australian Studies Centre by organizing events and stimulating the interest of students in both Australia and China.

Kelsi Zhang 张佳欣

Kelsi Zhang is from Xi’an, a former imperial capital of China. She is now a junior student at Peking University, majoring in English language and literature, and minoring in international relations. During her first two years on campus, she devoted her time to volunteering and invited many of her overseas friends to help out ‘empty nest’ older people.

Moreover, in her work as a student journalist for the PKU Office of International Relations, she reported on several visits to China by and interviewed many presidents of Australian universities. Kelsi became fascinated and intrigued by Australia after listening to a lecture about the relationship between Australian literature and the Australian environment.

In her third year at university, Kelsi is concentrating on her studies and is particularly interested in Australian history, culture, and literary works. She has decided to continue her exploration of Australian culture and literature by interning at the Australian Studies Centre.

Alex ZhaoAlex Zhao 赵博为

Alex Zhao is from Tianjin, China. He is a junior student at Peking University, majoring in English language and literature and minoring in psychology. With over three years of systematic study in the English department, he has developed a strong interest in the English language, Western history, education, and China-Western relations. This year his team came third in the ‘Challenge Cup’, with a work on the admission criteria of the world’s top universities (which included several top Australian universities). He also explored Australia’s attractiveness as an international study destination in an academic essay entitled ‘Australian History and Culture’.

As a former member of the Youth Volunteer Department of the PKU School of Foreign Languages, Alex has enjoyed participating in many volunteering activities. He has also won prizes in public speaking, loves soccer and cooking, and is fond of traveling in his spare time.

Linda WangLinda Wang 王阳阳

Linda Wang is a junior student at Peking University, where she majors in English literature and international relations. She is also a director of the Culture China Elite Project initiated by Professor Tu Weiming, the Dean of the PKU Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies. Her major fields in this project are Chinese religion and the traditional and current development of Confucian thought.

In her international relations studies, Linda is especially interested in the foreign policies of China in recent decades. After taking classes with Professor David Walker, she has also become very curious to know more about Australia domestic and foreign policy, and especially multicultural policy, since Australia has long been one of the largest immigrant countries in the world. Her hobbies include Chinese history, classical music, and swimming.

Wen XuWen Xu 徐 闻

Wen Xu 徐 闻 is majoring in English and literature, and minoring in psychology studies at Beijing Normal University. After finishing her exchange courses at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia last semester she developed a keen interest in Australia and China affairs, across foreign policy, multiculturalism and economic-relations.

As an active student on campus, she was a member of the Students’ Association for Internationals at Beijing Normal University where she interacted with students of various cultural backgrounds.  She also has experience in translating news articles, mainly relating to international tennis tournaments.

With a strong curiosity about Australian culture, she is very much looking forward to pursuing as many activities as possible at the Australian Studies Centre.

river (1)Ross Tan 谭若思

Ross Tan 谭若思 is a Prime Minister’s Australia Asia Endeavour Award Scholar from the Australian National University, where he is writing an Honours thesis on how Australian students construct their experiences of studying abroad in China, and exploring the power dynamics underlying their motivations and interactions with Chinese society. He will be using his time at the Centre to undertake fieldwork research and finish the writing of his thesis.

A Chinese-born Australian from Melbourne, Ross has had a long interest in international education and cultural exchange, especially between Australia and China, but also on a broader global level. He has previously studied Chinese to an advanced level at Tsinghua University, as well as having studied at UC Berkeley, University of Alabama Law and University of Turin, for varying degrees of time. Ross is keenly interested in social entrepreneurship and innovation, and hopes to work in the future exploring the connection between development, enterprise and culture in practice. Apart from his research work, Ross is also currently involved in co-founding an enterprise focused on developing trade in organics and sustainable agriculture between Australia and China.

NeilNeil Thomas 牛犇

Neil Thomas 牛犇 is a Prime Minister’s Australia Asia Endeavour Award Scholar at Tsinghua University, where he is writing an Honours thesis on the dynamics of Chinese central-local governance and their impact upon Australia-China relations, towards the completion of a Law/Arts degree from the University of Western Australia, where he is a UWA Fogarty Scholar. He will be using his time at the Centre to conduct additional research to publish an article in this area, as well as construct the Centre’s online presence and organise events that bring together local Chinese students and academics in order to form a genuine Australian studies community in Beijing.

Neil is also especially interested in the interaction between the Australia-China policy and media spaces and people-to-people communication. He is the inaugural National Publications Director of the Australia-China Youth Association, Publications Manager for the 2013 Australia-China Youth Dialogue, and founding Editor of the AustraliaBites and ChinaBites cultural newsletters, as well as the bilingual and peer-reviewed ACYA Journal of Australia-China Affairs, co-published with the University of Sydney China Studies Centre. He has had articles on Australia-Asia relations published by The Australian, The Drum, and The China Story.

Neil is a New HSK Level 6 qualified Chinese linguist and has previously studied at the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies at Tsinghua University and been a Chinese Government Scholar at Zhejiang University and Renmin University. He hopes to pursue a career in Australia-China policy or diplomacy, and has work experience with Danwei, China International Publishing Group and Geoff Raby & Associates. Neil was also a panelist at the 2013 FASIC Conference ‘Australia’s China/China’s Australia: Past, Present & Future’ and a Delegate to the 2013 ANU Asia Pacific Week.

angela lee

Angela Lee 李嘉琪

Angela Lee 李嘉琪 is from Sydney, Australia. As an overseas-born Chinese, she is interested in her past and has taken time to travel around China. She interned at World Vision China and used her Chinese and management skills to translate company documents. After this, Angela decided to study Chinese in university. She is currently at the University of New South Wales studying a Bachelor of Commerce. Her majors are Human Resources Management and Chinese studies. After studying Chinese in university, she decided to go to Beijing, China for an exchange program not only to improve her Chinese but to broaden her horizons. She looks forward to seeing China once again from a new perspective, and contributing to the Peking University Australian Studies Centre’s work.

DSC_8329m_1Layla Liu 刘岑

Layla Liu is an undergraduate student in the Department of English Literature at Peking University. Interested in literature, she decided on her major back when she was in high school. She is also concurrently studying for her degree in psychology.

During her college years she has participated in a student association of volunteer focused on providing teaching assistance and education. She has organised and participated in many volunteer activities, including regular volunteer teaching at Huang Zhuang Primary School in Shi Jingshan District, and a one-week volunteer teaching program in Zhong County near Chongqing. Last year, she participated in organizing the ‘Forum of Educating Philanthropy Youth’. She has also taken part in a cross-cultural program, visiting the United Kingdom to compete in a Debating Contest and Model Asian Forum at Warwick University.

Layla is a lover of all forms of art—literature, music, paintings, film, and drama. She is also enthusiastic about cultural studies. Most importantly, she is always ready to meet new friends from all over the world!

LeoLeo Liu 刘昕宇

Leo Liu is from Nantong in Jiangsu Province, China. He is a junior student of the English Department at Peking University, majoring in English language and literature. He majored in mathematics during his first two years on campus, but later discovered his interest in the fields of literature and language. He delights in devoting his spare time to volunteer work, such as volunteer teaching in Southeast China. In his third year at university, he took Professor David Walker’s ‘Australian Survey Course’ and has been deeply fascinated by the unique history and distinctive culture of Australia. He has decided to pursue his interest in Australian culture and literature and the development of Sino-Australian relations through his internship at the Australian Studies Centre.

MarcelMarcel Liu 刘远航

Marcel Liu is from Xinjiang, in northwest China, and is currently an undergraduate student, majoring in English language and literature at Peking University. Marcel is a young writer and poet, using the literary pseudonym Su Huatian 苏画天, and his poems have been published by literary periodicals such as Poetry Periodical and Poetry Forest Bimonthly. He also has translation experience, particularly in the poems of Adam Zagajewski. As an English major, Marcel is particularly interested in Australian literature and he hopes to learn more about it, especially Australian poetry and immigrant literature.

Born in a small village in Henan province, Marcel feels a great affinity with the countryside, and his attention is always drawn to the development of rural areas. He once served as an interviewer for the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS) and spent his summer interviewing aged villagers in rural areas of Gansu province. Other than that, he loves cycling, away from urban areas.

PatrickPatrick O’Mahoney 欧子彦

Patrick is from Sydney, Australia, and was on exchange in Beijing studying Chinese at Tsinghua University. In Sydney, Patrick studies a Bachelor’s degree of International Studies at Macquarie University with a major in Chinese Studies, including Chinese culture, contemporary history, and Chinese language. He has been studying Chinese extensively for two years and enjoyed the opportunity to significantly improve his language ability during his Semester in Beijing.

Patrick first became interested in learning Chinese when introduced to the language in high school. What originally started out as a sole interest in language, slowly became a quest to better understand a culture he had very little knowledge of, but one that seemed particularly relevant, exciting and worth knowing more about. Thus far he has traveled to Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Zhangjiajie and can’t wait to do more travel inside of China. Whilst in Beijing, on top of his role as an intern, he served as President of the Beijing Chapter of the Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA).

Aside from all things China related, when he’s back home in Sydney, Patrick loves surfing and going to the beach with his dog, following the Australian Football League and playing guitar.

Madeleine KingMadeleine King 王麦荻

Madeleine King 王麦荻 is a fourth year undergraduate student from Canberra, Australia who is near to finishing her Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies degree from the Australian National University. She is fortunate enough to be spending 2014 on exchange at Peking University studying Chinese language – one of her majors along with Pacific Studies.

Madeleine’s key academic area of interest concerns the Pacific Islands region and how growing informal and formal Chinese involvement and influence is making an impact, as well as what implications this has for Australia. Her hobbies include travelling, music, learning, asking many questions, meeting new people and slowly improving her Chinese language skills.

AshleyAshley Kuong 邝嘉敏

Ashley Kuong 邝嘉敏 is an exchange student at Peking University studying English literature. She is an amateur actress and an award-winning English public speaker from Macau, China. Prior to moving to Beijing, she majored in Chinese-to-English translation and interpretation at Macao Polytechnic Institute, where she received various scholarships.

Ashley is interested in cultural studies and international relations. She has visited the United Kingdom on a sponsored study tour, and attended a summer program at the Queensland University of Technology. Both of these international experiences have enhanced her interest in learning about different cultures. She was also part of a 20-member delegation to the European Union on behalf of the Tertiary Education Services Office of the Macau Government in 2013.

Her two years of working experience at the MPI Bell Centre of English in Macau has prepared Ashley to work with people from English-speaking countries. During her internship at the PKU Australian Studies Centre, Ashley hopes to conduct research on how to bring Australian theatre to China. This will be based on her experience of playing a lead role in the PKU Drama Troupe production of the Australian play Cosi, which ran for many weeks at the Penghao Theatre in Beijing in late 2013 and early 2014.

Panzhu JinPanzhu Jin 金畔竹

Panzhu Jin is a student at Peking University, majoring in English literature. She took Professor David Walker’s ‘Australian Survey Course’ and became interested in interning at the Australian Studies Centre. Australia has always held a great attraction for her and she is very interested in cultural communication, so she believes this is a rare opportunity to further her knowledge about Australia.

On campus, Panzhu is active in various voluntary activities and student clubs, through which she has developed strong organisational abilities and enriched her student experience. She is positive in character, but with a serious and responsible work attitude and able to coordinate a team.

Her hobbies are singing and drawing. She sings first alto in the PKU Early Autumn Chamber Ensemble and has thrice performed on campus. She is also a culinary connoisseur, always on the hunt for delicious food.


Hattie Houghton

Hattie Houghton is from Melbourne, Australia and has just completed a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering and a Diploma in Mandarin Chinese. Her interest in China comes from a long established relationship with the Chinese language. She first learned Chinese at the age of three at Chung Hwa School in Brunei.  She continued learning Chinese throughout high school and university.

Hattie is interested in innovative ways to minimise impact to the environment. She has volunteered at Landcare Australia by planting trees, and Beyond Zero Emissions, a not for profit organisation which researches technical and existing solutions for turning Australia into a zero carbon economy.  At the Australian Studies Centre she hopes to look at the trade of natural resources between China and Australia. She will also be doing a language course at Beijing Language and Culture University and is genuinely excited to improve her language ability while living in China. Hattie also enjoys staying fit by playing hockey for Monash Hockey Club, and has participated at the Australian University Championships for rowing.

Harry ChangHarry Chang 常悦

Harry Chang comes from central China and is majoring in English Literature and Economics at Peking University. Curious about Australia, he took Professor David Walker’s ‘Australian Survey Course’ and was deeply impressed by both the course and the professor. He befriended the Australian interns and greatly enjoys talking with them about issues concerning Australia and China. Harry is interested in history, language, philosophy, as well as international relations. He feels that contemporary Australian and Chinese societies are marked by different cultures and wants to explore what this difference in culture can bring to both countries. Additionally, Harry is a lover of tennis, table tennis, and soccer.

Luke CoatesLuke Coates 小白

After watching a young Kevin Rudd’s meteoric rise on television, Luke decided to take a year off from his Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) and teach English in China. Two weeks later he was on a plane to Changchun, Jilin Province. After a few months, he fell in love with the place and got to learn Chinese. Luke spent two years in Changchun, where he taught English, translated and appeared on low-budget Chinese television. Luke has just finished a Master’s degree in International Politics at Peking University, which was capped off by a 30,000 Chinese character dissertation about Australia’s relationship with Indonesia. Luke’s hobbies include history, language, basketball and participating in cooking shows.

Mark EelsMark Eels 罗马克

Mark Eels 罗马克 is from the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. After embarking on a planned gap year that quickly burgeoned into six years across almost fifty countries, Mark returned home in 2011 to complete a Bachelor of International Relations and International Business at Bond University. Slowly narrowing his focus toward a specialisation in East Asian affairs and Chinese language studies, Mark decided to continue his research in Beijing, China. He is currently completing a Master of International Relations at Peking University. Areas of interest include foreign policy analysis, political economy, non-traditional security, public policy, energy, and East Asian affairs. Whilst studying, Mark is also working for a strategic advisory firm in Beijing that systematically tracks policy discussion across economic and social sectors. Approaching his final year at Peking University, Mark is commencing work on his final thesis, which will examine the evolution of Australia’s regional engagements, foreign policy, and security postures, analysing Australia’s status as a constructive middle power in Asia.


James Campbell

James Campbell

James Campbell is a Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Melbourne and was an Exchange Student at Peking University. As an intern he assisted in a summer course in Australian Studies taught by Professor David Walker. The research component of the internship allowed him to look at the increasing role of Chinese currency in global finance. His internship concluded with assisting with the conference Australia’s China/China’s Australia’ hosted by the Peking University Australian Studies Centre.

Rob Harris

Rob Harris

Rob Harris studied Chinese in high school and completed an intensive language course at Beijing Language and Culture University as part of his tertiary studies. As an undergraduate, Rob majored in History and Asian Studies and he holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Melbourne. Rob has travelled extensively in China and Southeast Asia over the last two years, in particular through Sichuan and Yunnan provinces and has formed a lifelong addiction to Sichuan cuisine.

As an Intern at the Australian Studies Centre, Rob thoroughly enjoyed assisting with the summer intensive course and getting to know the Peking University students. Rob had the opportunity to meet attendees of the Australia’s China/China’s Australia conference while showing them around the Peking University campus. Rob hopes to continue building connections between Australian and Chinese students back in Melbourne.

Arthur LaiArthur Lai

Arthur Lai completed Bachelors degrees in Commerce and Economics at the University of Melbourne and is currently a Masters student in the Peking University – London School of Economics Public Policy Program. While at the centre he conducted research on geopolitics.

Joel Wing-LunJoel Wing-Lun

Joel Wing-Lun is a senior visiting student in the Department of Sociology at Peking University. Joel graduated from the University of Sydney in 2011 with first class honours and the university medal. He worked as a researcher and analyst at China Policy in Beijing and the Lowy Institute for International Policy in Sydney, before joining the Australian Studies Centre. Joel also serves as Governance and Law Coordinator for the Australia-China Youth Dialogue.

While at the University of Sydney, Joel was the recipient of the Winston G. Lewis Prize in Chinese History, the Gough Whitlam Larry Kwok Australia China Scholarship, the T.M. Hsiao Scholarship for Chinese Studies, and the Walter Reid Memorial Prize. His writing on Chinese history, politics and society has been published in the Asian Studies Review, ACYA Journal of Australia-China Affairs, Sydney Globalist, and on the Lowy Interpreter blog.

At the Australian Studies Centre, Joel assisted with the delivery of the Centre’s summer school course ‘Australia: From 1788 to the Present’, reacquainting himself with Australian history and Australia’s Asian history and discovering how Australia might look through Chinese eyes. He also assisted at the Foundation for Australian Studies in China conference ‘Australia’s China/China’s Australia: Past, Present and Future,’ and coordinating activities with the Lowy Institute, the Australia-China Youth Association, and the Australia-China Youth Dialogue, including the ACYD-FASIC Fellowships and Professor David Walker’s presentation at the Dialogue in Melbourne. Joel is currently preparing a paper for publication on the contemporary Chinese historian and public intellectual Wang Hui.