April 1, 2017, Professor Greg McCarthy, along with members of the PKUASC team, attended Dialogues with the Dreaming, an art exhibition focusing of Chinese-artist Zhou Xiaoping’s engagement with Australia’s indigenous groups.

Zhou was originally born in Anhui and trained as a traditional Chinese brush painter, but moved to Melbourne after visiting Australia in 1988. He has spent long periods of time with Australian indigenous communities in Northern Australia, particularly in Arnhem Land and the Kimberley region. His work explores the crossovers between two of the oldest cultures in the world – Chinese culture and Australian Indigenous culture – and how both cultures resolve questions of origin and connection to country.

This first major survey of his work presented paintings, photographs, and multimedia from his career, including a documentary of his time spent with the late Walmajarri painter Jimmy Pike. The PKU team were immensely pleased to support this exhibition.

The event was jointly organised by the Today Art Museum and the Australia Embassy in Beijing, and assisted by the Beijing Foreign Studies University’s Australian Studies Centre and Renmin University’s Australian Studies Centre.