BHP Billiton Chair of Australian Studies: Professor Gregory McCarthy


Greg portrait smallProfessor McCarthy holds a Personal Chair of Australian Politics at the University of Western Australia. His main research interests and extensive publications are on Australian politics and political culture. His research focuses on transitional change within and between nations, exploring how material, cultural and political forces create instability and how nations, institutions and people adapt to uncertainty. His seminal book Things Fall Apart: A History of the State Bank of South Australia, analysed the dynamic relations between global financial change and its dramatic effect on public banking in Australia. Recently, he has written on the internationalisation of Australian higher education effected by Chinese students studying in Australia, and the steady growth of Australian students studying in China. He has also explored the political implications of the conversion of Australian higher education from an elite to a mass education system. In addition, he has investigated the international relationship between Australia and China as read through the policies of contemporary Australia governments.

His professorship at the University of Western Australia compliments that university’s strong commitment to research and teaching in Australian studies and his appointment as the BHP Billiton Chair of Australian Studies at Peking University coincides with the Harvard Chair in Australian Studies being held by the renowned University of Western Australia academic, Professor Philip Mead.

5th FASIC Conference Coordinator: John Paul Grima

Since graduating with Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce degrees in 2008, John Paul has been engaged with the Australia-China education space through his work for organisations such as ACYA, CAMP and the Marco Polo Project.

John Paul has undertaken postgraduate studies at Monash University, where he focused on Chinese minority ethnography and diaspora. As a Victorian Government Hamer Scholar, he was selected to continue Chinese language studies at Nanjing University in 2013.

John Paul has worked as a Media Advisor for the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister (2009-2011) and for the UNDP in Beijing (2014). More recently, John Paul has applied his passion for international education by taking up a role in the Global Partnerships team of Tsinghua University.

Assistant Research Coordinator: Chloe Dempsey

Chloe Dempsey is a New Colombo Plan Scholar studying law at Renmin University. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts at the University of Western Australia, alongside a Diploma of Modern Languages in Mandarin. Chloe is the China General Manager for the Australia China Youth Association and Partnerships Association for the Australia China Youth Dialogue.

Previously completing a semester of law at Tsinghua University under the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation’s Asian Exchange Scholarship, Chloe has experience working at both commercial firms and community legal centres. Chloe has a strong interest in international relations, philanthropy and social justice.

Chloe began working with the Chair of Australian Studies in February 2016, and was involved with organising the Foundation for Australian Studies in China (FASIC) Conference 2016, including arranging a youth delegation to attend the conference for the first time, with the support of FASIC and the Embassy.

Chloe’s passion for China originates from five months in Sichuan as a volunteer teacher under a Foundation for Young Australians program. Chloe has previously undertook research on students’ language learning experiences in China, presenting her paper, Transformative Language Learning Through Travel, at the International Conference on Undergraduate Research.